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Payroll service in Romania

Updated on Sunday 17th April 2016

payroll_service_in_romania.jpg By outsourcing the payroll service in Romania, the companies avoid and reduce the costs associated with personnel management (training of employees responsible for salary calculation, updating the necessary software used) and any fiscal controls ended up with sanctions.

Another problematic issue in the context of rapidly changing legislation applicable in the field is the personnel turnover in the accounting department or human resources in Romania, which is why companies prefer to work with an external service provider which is able to fulfill successfully any task.

Payroll in Romania is a vital part of any organization, a critical process which requires a special attention. Remuneration requires accuracy, confidentiality, a rapid processing capacity, up to date knowledge of specific legislation, in short, requires a dedicated staff, trained and continually updated with regulations applied in this domain.

Our Romanian accountants invite you to watch a comprehensive video about outsourcing the payroll process:

Payroll services in Romania

Our  team will provide you full service in the payroll filed in Romania, for example:

 - A correct analysis of the company’s departments with a functional proposal for structure and optimum and effectively sizing;

-  Specialized support in recruiting highly qualified personnel;

- Drafting the employment contracts, the addenda amending forms of employment stipulated by the labor legislation;

- Drawing forms of termination of employment contracts;

- Revisal submission of employment contracts, addenda and reports termination of employment;

- Filling out forms for medical leave and calculating the amount;

- The evidence and calculation of annual leave days;

- Salary calculation, processing and checking of data entered into the system;

- Preparing payroll and salary slips;

- Calculation of salary taxes required to be paid to the state budget and to the social security budget;

- Compiling the advance payment and liquidation wage;

- Calculation and preparation of accounting notes related to salaries,

- Drawing files required by the bank for wages paid by bank transfer;

- Preparing and submitting tax returns on salaries;

- Preparation of payment orders for the contributions on salaries payment;

- Calculation of the Global Agreement, individually or indirectly, as appropriate;

-  Calculation of deductions and garnishments wage;

- Preparation of the 112 Declaration - "Declaration on the obligation to pay social contributions, income tax and nominal record of insured persons" and its reporting to the Ministry of Finance;

- Calculation of the increases and additions to base salary: overtime, bonus weekends, night allowance, heavy duty, awards, benefits;

- Legislative support on any payroll issue.

Contact us to benefit from a customized support provided by accountants for your payroll services and personnel administration and for audit services in Romania.


  • Hans De Block 2015-01-09

    We are looking for firm who can give full service in the payroll filed in Romania. We are a Dutch company (job agency) and have from this month in Romania (Tirgu Mures) two employees. We have a registration as a subsidiary in Romania. The mother firm is registrated in The Netherlands. We have no turn over in Romania, only costs.

    Hello Hans, you can send us your request at and one of our accountants will answer you as soon as possible.

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