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Performing an audit in Romania realized by our Romanian accountants, specialized in audit

Updated on Sunday 17th April 2016

audit_in_romania.jpgOur team performs audit services in Romania in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) fully adopted by the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania. 
Performing an audit in Romania is achieved by the opinion of an authorized specialist on the overall economic condition of a company, firm or institutional authorities as it is shown in the accounting summaries, accounts, balance sheets and cash flows. 
The main elements that define the audit in Romania relates to:
- examination of information that should be exclusively a professional examination;
- the purpose of an examination against information is to express a correct and relevant evaluation;
- the appreciation expressed about information must be responsible and independent, which means that the person doing the examination has certain responsibilities to work and must be an independent person;
- the examination should be done by certain pre-established rules provided by a standard or norm which constitutes the legal or professional quality criteria.
We invite you to watch a video about how an audit is made:

We are able to perform audit services in Romania for:
- companies which, in accordance with the Romanian law, are required to an annual audit of the financial statements, including companies under the supervision of the National Securities Commission;
- companies which, although are not obliged to have an annual audit of financial statements, are interested in an audit report to obtain financing;
-  companies where investors want a specialty certification on the annual financial results;
- companies in which investors want to trade shares or stocks.
Our experts in Romania are able to offer financial audit consultancy services for all companies to be audited, offering a release for the management board. By letting us perform the audit you will not see a financial control as an unpleasant surprise as we are able to provide the necessary advice throughout the year. 
We offer our services that will provide the overall framework for holding the entire audit in good condition by offering complete financial audit preparation services in Romania. 
Our Romanian team is able to provide you a complete review for the financial statements when the accounts are finalized and you want to achieve a review in accordance to the International Accounting Standards. 
We also provide you qualified certification of annual financial statements, recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Finance.
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