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Registration with the Tax Authorities in Romania

Updated on Sunday 17th April 2016

registration_with_the_tax_authorities_in_romania.jpgOne goal of primary importance in our work is to ensure that our clients never pay more than the minimum required by law, always adopt the best strategies and choices and, in this sense, we are able to provide professional services regarding the registration with the Tax Authorities in Romania.

The financial and accounting discipline in Romania, which is constantly changing, requires the presence of a tax consultant able to protect your company from the risks of non-fulfillment of obligations under mandatory legal rules.

Our consultants in taxes in Romania are able to provide consulting services to determine the payment of taxes (VAT, income tax, withholding tax) in accordance with the law. We also provide assistance in case of checks carried out by bodies delegated by the Romanian Ministry of Finance, VAT reimbursement assistance, and assistance in drawing up statements of taxes. We are up-to-date with the entire legal framework in this field and we are able to keep you informed with all the duties required by the law.  

We provide you services in relation to the Romanian national tax administration:

- Deposit balances and statements of issues: 100, 102, 300, 710, 390, 392, and 394;

- Obtaining situations statements, balance sheets, tax records;

- Purchase all the invoice templates required;

- Deposit of VAT corrections, tracking their progress, reporting any problems, lifting the financial administration;

- Deposit of clearing addresses, addresses regarding erroneous payments;

- Clarifying the situation of summons and sequestration;

- Obtaining the tax - vector situation and change the tax vector;

- Obtaining synthetic sheet;

- Declaration workstations with or without tax code the Financial Administration;

- Obtaining economic indicators;

- Payment of taxes in Romania;

- Obtaining tax record;

- Obtaining new certificate of registration for VAT purposes, change in case of transfer and obtaining the certificate of registration for VAT purposes in case of VAT loss;

- Register associations and homeowners associations;

- Obtaining tax residence certificate;

- Obtaining tax certificate;

- Obtaining the filing derogation.

Please contact us for full service and customized offer regarding the Registration with the Tax Authorities in Romania!


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