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Taxation for Micro-Enterprises in Romania

Updated on Thursday 09th February 2017

How-to-Make-the-Fiscal-Reactivation-of-a-Romanian-Company.jpgIn Romania, it is possible for foreign investors to register micro-enterprises under which they can take advantage of a lower tax rate rather than the usual corporate tax rate of 16%. Micro-enterprise is a sub-genre of the limited liability company. There has been a continuous transformation in the legal system in Romania and the rules and regulations governing the operation and taxation of micro-enterprises have undergone many changes over the years. It is advisable for foreign investors to obtain professional assistance before making any decision in relation to setting up micro-enterprises in Romania. Our Romanian accountants are committed to provide financial services that cater for every business needs and are experienced in taxation matters relating to micro-enterprises.

Characteristics of a Romanian micro-enterprise

According to the latest changes in the Fiscal Code, as of January 6, 2017, a newly established legal entity is required to follow the micro-enterprise tax regime starting with the first fiscal year and will remain under this tax regime if it meets all of the following criteria:

 1.    The maximum threshold of annual turnover is EUR 500,000;
 2.    Income generated from consultancy and management activities is not more than 20% of the annual turnover;
 3.    It does not carry out any banking, insurance and reassurance, capital markets, gambling or upstream oil & gas activities;
 4.    The share capital must be held by entities other than the state or the local authorities.

As long as the micro-enterprise continues to meet all of the above criteria, its status will remain. Any newly registered legal entity with a share capital of at least RON 45,000 may choose to become a corporate income tax payer as of its date of incorporation. Any existing micro-enterprise with a share capital of at least RON 45,000, as well any existing micro-enterprise that increases its share capital up to this threshold may also opt to become a corporate income tax payer. As from February 1, 2017, companies that are qualified as corporate income tax payers, but their annual revenues fall below the threshold of EUR 500,000 will have the obligation to apply the micro-enterprise tax regime.

Our Bucharest accounting firm can offer you advice and assistance in relation to the latest changes in taxation regime in Romania.

Taxation on micro-enterprises

Micro-enterprises are taxed on their turnover. Micro-enterprises with at least one employee, regardless of their number, are subject to the tax rate of 1%. A 3% tax rate is applicable for micro-enterprises with no employees. Payment of tax and filing of the tax return under the micro-enterprise tax regime is to be made quarterly by the 25th of the month following the quarter for which the tax was computed.  

Should you require further information in relation to accounting services for micro-enterprises  or any assistance in the accountancy field in Bucharest and audit in Romania, please contact our Bucharest accounting firm.



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